Shall I be honest? To move through the full shit (and I mean that word!) of having been a ‘prey’ or victim in a narcissistic relationship, we need someone who’s experienced this horror. It is so unfathomable that many people just cannot (and understandably also do not want to) grasp. This doesn’t mean we can’t be helped by many. We can. But at one point or another in our healing journey, we will need a witness or a guide who has visited the ‘dark cave’. To be fully seen, and to grasp the extent of our suffering. So get that crucial spur that we need in order to recover.

While I am not a psychologist nor do I claim to know all about narcissism or narcissistic abuse, I offer experience-based coaching on the topic. I have been there. I also researched tons on the subject in the meantime and studied trauma, PTSD and c-PTSD and body-based trauma healing approaches.

It is clear that our communities often will not provide proper support / protection for us who are healing. This comes from a lack of information and lack of ability to imagine the extent of the sorrow the victims go through. NPD and its effects are extremely hard to grasp. Rule of thumb number 1: only talk about narcissistic abuse with someone who will believe you.


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