Healing from a childhood with a narcissistic parent / narcissistic parents:

Children of the self-absorbed: a grown-ups guide to getting over narcissistic parents

Will I ever be good enough? Healing the daughters of narcissistic mothers


Healing your attachment wounds (most likely the wound of being an unloved son or daughter) that likely had you enter the relationship with the narcissist in the first place. 

Facing codependence

The emotionally absent mother


Healing from trauma:

Trauma and recovery

Complex PTSD: from surviving to thriving 

The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook


Moving away from the narcissist:

How to do no contact like a boss

Psychopath free

Becoming the narcissist’s nightmare (I am not a revenge person by any means, but this book is such a good resource in understanding the entire thing!)


Understanding what happened:

The human magnet syndrome



Divorcing a narcissist: rebuilding after the storm