A different kind of heartache: when your narcissistic ex-partner moves on…

I want to warn her – yet I know how invested she is in protecting him.


She’s got his back.


He’s told his story so well, she didn’t even bother to double-check with me – even though she was a common friend. My sorrows, grief, anger, despair – it’s not even there. Not even “a thing”. She is certain he is beyond awesome. She supports him in becoming the leader that he wants to become. She paves the way – makes sure it can happen.


She is encapsulated by his story of self.


Like I was.


I know that when she no longer offers as a “staircase” to… She will become useless to him. Devoid of meaning. Tossed out – not really mattering that much.


She might reach out then.


Do I reach out to her now?

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